The firm SAP srl, with its different system meeting any requirement in the field of the realization of aluminium door and window frames, fulfils the many demands of architect, the designer and the user, as for thermal insulation and sound-proofing. We offer normal or thermo-insulated section bars, which can be anodized to get the following colours: natural, bronze, brown and black, and varnished in any colour.
The lines we have adopted permit us to offer: wing door and windows frames pivot sliding parts lock up, complete facades verands, partitions, reticular structures.

The building used for work, sport, commercial and social activities, present many functional and architectural requirements. The many possible utilizations of our aluminium window and door frames make them meet all these requirements; from the very simple frame to a complete facade, including all intermeiate types.

SAP srl can realize any design and arhitectural solution.

Alubond is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets in Peraluman-100, EN AW-5005 (AIMg1) in accordance with EN 485-2 and a plastic or high-mineral filled core. Alubond is produced with various core thicknesses in a continuous process enabling the cutting of the panels to size.

The panels are coil coated with a Fluorocarbon (e.g. PVDF) lacquer system and supplied with a protective peel-off foil. Advantages:

  • Non-inflammable = no restrictions on design and construction. No toxic fumes.

  • Light weight, high rigidity, flat surface = low cost for supporting structures and fasteners

  • Surfaces in many standard and supplementary colours. Special colours upon request.

  • Weather-resistent = ready-to-install

  • Easiliy folded and shaped = easy finishing with conventional woodworking tools.

  • Large panel sizes, fast installation = short construction times, definite deadlines, low cost

  • Recyclable, return of waste material into the material cycle = environmentally friendly

    ALUBOND's array of colors and finishes combined with the inherent capability of forming into different shapes and contours with durability and weather resistance makes ALUBOND an Architect's dream.

Alubond u.s.a. FR is the fire rated Aluminium Composite Panels, a new a new composite material skinned with coated aluminium alloy sheets and cored with non-combustible mineral. It has excellent fire resistance compared to normal aluminium composite panel. It confirms to German standard DIN4102. Grade A-2. It is a kind of environmentally friendly building material that offers excellent fire resistance and minimal gas generation when burnt.

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